My experience from Hugo Trevisi (by G.Lopez)

The education of a specialist in orthodontics has stages but no boundaries, is animated by a passion for reality, the responsibility in front of their task and the gradual self-awareness. The issue of training, or more generally the experience, is essential in any workplace and especially in the medical and orthodontic practice. On the other hand,the two words, education and experience, they evoke personal horizons that in my opinion, it is impossible to predict fully the development. In other words, no more training equals conquest of skills on the court, nor long experience always results in high-level professional performance.

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Bitterly I can say that my path to graduation and specialization in orthodontics I was not prepared properly to work, leaving me uncertain spaces that have partly filled with postgraduate update, the attendance of the studies in which I have done training or work, activities such as MBTeam, good clinical practice and the lessons derived from my mentors.

All it helped to create in me the “baggage” of learning experiences in which every orthodontist refers over time.

My last (second) experience in Brazil to the Prof Hugo Trevisi, the father of the MBT technique, or o mais clínico, as they call the South American colleagues, has helped to expand my knowledge. I went to him again this summer, I basically spent my holidays in his Clinic. Its willingness to cooperate, and even before, sharing, was a way for me to grow and mature professionally in a decisive way.

The first real training element is to observe, discuss and possibly see someone better in action. Hugo is always like this. Each lesson is a wave of information, each topic is renewed through the interaction of the working group, and the time spent in the clinic of Presidente Prudente in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has dispelled doubts, he was filled with ideas and widened the horizon. I want to share with colleagues this experience because not every day you get excited in this way after an internship. Indeed.

Well, here I say never deny it, I will continue to follow Professor Hugo Trevisi in the future wherever and whenever I get the chance.

Why deepen the nature of my subject, learn, have new experiences are and will be the basic work points to improve myself.

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