Class two treatment and buccal TADs

The distal movement of the upper theet without patient compliance is often obtained by devices called palatal “distalizers”, such as the distal jet, the Pendulum, the first class etc. But for all these devices there is a limit: the retraction is only partially no-compliance. The molars and, in part, the second premolars go back, but the first premolars and the frontal teeth must be retracted with instruments that require cooperation. This is a known problem, to which it is tries to remedy in various ways.

Moreover palatal distalizers are characterized by excessive volume and discomfort.

The solutions presented are different, often combined with systems for the skeletal anchorage.

The system suggested in this post by Andrea Eliseo, an italian orthodontist, allows distalize without collaboration across the upper arch. Really all the upper arch.

How obtain this result:

After aligning and leveling obtained with normal MBT wire sequence until Posted stainless steel 019/025 “, a buffalo miniscrew is applied in the interradicular space between 5/6 and then connects to the soldered hook with a steel wire 010 “or 012”. And then the following steps:

  • Open coil between 6/7 up to acquisition of the right class to load the 2nd molar
  • Open coil between 6/5
  • Open coil between 5/4
  • Elastic chain from miniscrews up to 4
  • Closing residual spaces with tie back
  • Finish

The only problem is the temporale flaring of incisors when they are aligned, but you can avoid this by exclusion of these teeth until distalisation advanced.

See the slide show.

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